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To be honest, I was surprised just how much international content there was on Netflix in the US.

This research is looking at country of origin, not language.  However, they are, obviously, highly correlated.  I thought it might be interesting link to a couple of studies I counted a few years ago into non-English language movies in US cinemas (Which languages are most commonly used in movies? and How many non-English language films get a US theatrical release?).

I found that 18.8% of movies released theatrically in North America (2003-17) were not in English.  An extremely high result, judging by what most people see. Yet these movies accounted for just 1.1% of the box office gross.  The SVOD data in the VOD Clickstream article is not as extreme as this, but reflects the same broad pattern of wide options but mostly local content being picked.

All thoughts on the topic welcomed

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    The UK is actually over-perfoming in the US relative to population then. Combining the UK and US populations, the UK makes up 17% of the total [66.5 / (66.5 + 328.2)]. Combining US viewing figures for both, the UK makes up 19% of the total [17.55 / (17.55 + 74.25)]. Canada seems roughly in proportion too, so if Amercans have a skew, it’s anti-foreign language, rather than anti-foreign content. Except for Australia, it seems.

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    I personally enjoy IP from across the world and stream UK (acorn), CBC GEM has lots of foreign IP, and CRAVE and Netflix offers a wide variety of foreign content that appeals to me. I am a fan of film festivals (TIFF & VIFF) and grow up on the unique film offerings from around the world. Today I enjoy unique perspectives on IP and am easily bored by the formula-driven content. I also use an IP blocker so I am able to visit other countries content. BTW if you have not guessed yet I am Canadian. And I am in the industry. Recent shows I have enjoyed include: The Bay, Gomorrah & more. Good IP has no borders. RJF

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