Article: What types of movies were most often re-watched on Netflix?

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This thread is to discuss the article entitled “What types of movies were most often re-watched on Netflix?”

After a bit of a gap when we were caught up with behind the scene stuff, we’re trying to get back to publishing new articles. The first of which is this look at repeat viewings.

As more of the film value chain comes from SVOD, filmmakers will be expected to take account of the needs of home streaming audiences. One such element will be the long-term value of a piece of content, beyond just the experience of the first viewing. This has been true before streaming to a minor degree (i.e. library value for TV screenings) but the main income streams (i.e. cinemas and VHS/DVD) were largely one-and-done transactions, no matter how many times the audience wanted to watch it.

As the article mentions, the data didn’t show much of a connection with the quality of the movie. This matches my own personal experience. There are plenty of great films I won’t watch again (i.e. Requiem For A Dream) whereas I have seen some mediocre “popcorn movies” far too many times.

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