Movie Realize: How PVOD Will Impact Studios And Theatres?

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There is a time lag between a film’s theatrical release and its availability on the VOD platform. The majority of films generate the majority of their revenue within a specific time frame.

However, there is frequently a time lag between this collection period and the OTT availability of the films, which the PVOD can exploit. The studios, on the other hand, are likely to have shows available as on-demand videos within a few weeks of their initial release.

Given its popularity, it is safer to predict that PVOD will be around for a while longer. A planned movie release that can optimize revenue from both theatres and on-demand platforms is one of the possible future PVOD trends. While franchise films will continue to be released in theatres, there may be priorities among movie genres with a dual release or earlier availability in the PVOD revenue-generating monetization dais.

Franchise films would prefer not to forego theatrical revenue by opting for Premium VOD. They will forego the PVOD option in favor of a theatrical release, which is more likely to generate revenue than the alternative. This would later aid in the generation of more SVOD subscriptions, which could potentially add long-term value with CONTUS VPLayed.

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