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How important were Disney movies to Netflix?

Disney’s mastery of the Home Entertainment window has long been a cornerstone of its movie revenues. The supply was carefully controlled by Disney (films “returned to the Disney vault”), prices were well managed to avoid bargain-bin pricing and the marketing stood above even their closest rivals (you never bought a Disney movie, you “took home the magic”). It is perhaps surprising that it took so long to take full advantage of the burgeoning SVOD market.

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Did American audiences stream international TV shows?

Beyond the huge offering of US shows, American audiences of Netflix have access to British comedies, Brazilian dramas, and Scandinavian crime thrillers, amongst other things.
But did they choose shows from beyond their borders, or stick closer to home? The clickstream data reveals which countries piqued the interest of the US viewing public.

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How have Sci-Fi movies performed on SVOD?

The sci-fi genre is a broad church. It includes big-budget action spectaculars, mid-budget family fare and inexpensive twisty thrillers. For this analysis, we have largely used IMDb’s classification, which applies multiple genres per title and in which sci-fi accounts for 3.9% of titles. This includes films many would regard as primarily sci-fi (such as Star Wars) and titles with sci-fi tropes or plot elements (i.e. Despicable Me 3).

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How did ‘The Office’ perform on Netflix?

Kevin’s famous chilli. The fire that was only a simulation. Dwight’s stapler in Jello. If you know The Office, you know these classic scenes. NBC’s The Office, a mockumentary starring Steve Carell and based on the UK show of the same name, first hit screens in 2005.The final episode aired back in 2013, but the age of on-demand video has allowed audiences to keep enjoying it over and over, or to discover it for the first time a little later on. But just how did it fare with Netflix audiences, and how did they consume the show?

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Which TV genres were most popular on SVOD?

Audiences have a choice like never before. With subscription video on demand (SVOD) at people’s fingertips, long gone are the days of scheduling life around your favourite show, or waiting for the watershed in the UK. People can now have a serving of American Horror Story with their breakfast, a side of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with their lunch, and get stuck into You over coffee.

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What percentage of Netflix’s movies are recent titles?

When Netflix launched its video streaming service in 2007, its US catalogue comprised of around 5,000 movies and TV episodes – fewer than 6% of the 85,000 titles available via their DVD rental service at the time. The headline titles designed to draw consumers were not new releases, but instead were slightly older classics, such as The Matrix and Super Size Me. Just twelve years later, Netflix and the landscape have both changed considerably. Audiences have come to expect a steady stream of new movies on the platform, as well as a trove of exclusive releases.

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What is VOD Clickstream?

Our unique clickstream data allows us to analyse viewing patterns on Netflix between January 2016 and June 2019.

This data has some powerful qualities and unusual limitations so be sure to check out the details here.

This is wholly independent research. We’re not affiliated with Netflix or any other streaming platform or studio.